In collaboration with our client we are always looking for ways to improve the business, which can be measured in time spent on the website, bounce rates, average spend per order and most important: conversion rates. In my experience a business improves if it provides its clients a better service, product or general buying experience.

Previously we improved on the mobile product page, which resulted in an increase of almost 85%. This time we took a look at the checkout process and came to an interesting solution.

Usually an initial thought is to make a checkout process (and the same goes for forms) as simple, quick and painless as possible. However, in this case we did quite the opposite and added steps to the checkout process. This resulted in an increase of almost 50% more conversions. Let me tell you about the why and how.

Why we added more steps to the checkout process

In marketing and business in general it is important to look at the people. People are working inside a company and it is people who are buying the product. Obelisk Boeken is an online bookshop that sells books in the spiritual and esoteric genre. The main audience are people over 45 years old. In fact, the biggest group is the age group 55 – 64 with 65+ on the third place. In terms of gender, you might have guessed that women are in the majority.


These people demand certain care and approach. Not the quick one bombarded with information, no. We opted for more steps with each step having fewer distractions. |
This is the reason why we chose to do it the way we did.

How we added more steps to the checkout

To increase the number of steps there are several ways to do It in WooCommerce. Probably the easiest way is to find some kind of plugin that adds steps. However, we wanted to keep the code as clean as possible as well as the database. We also did not like to alter the WooCommerce core files, because all of this would come with more risk in the long run. 

We made the checkout in 3 steps, where there is a separate step for the basket, a separate step for contact details and a separate step for payment, instead of the 1 step checkout that was previously there.

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