Finally it happened. I have officially earned my Google Partner badge.

Why I say finally?

Because I thought it was time after working with AdWords clients since 2005 and having to explain myself over and over again just telling people to bugger off if they didn’t want the results I generated for my existing clients year over year like a grumpy old grumping AdWords specialist.

I already met 3 out of 4 requirements to be considered a Google Partnership.

The requirements are:

  • Having set up a proper Partners company profile
  • Meet a 90-day ad spend of at least 10.000 USD
  • Meet the performance requirement
  • Have at least 1 affiliated Google AdWords certified individual


Guess which one I missed? If you think the missing requirement was the expenditure or the performance, you are wrong.

This week I took the time to take the Google Adwords search assessment and finished it within 1 hour instead of the given 2 with a 96% accuracy.

So yeah. Now I officially and legally get to use the partner badge, which looks like this:

Currently it mentions I’m only specialized in search ads, but other areas will follow as well like: Mobile, Shopping, Display and Video.

On top of that, I will also aim to get the Analytics certification.

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